Secret Santa 2020: Eat-Man

I’ll start off by apologizing to my secret santa. Despite your intriguing recommendation I was only able to make it through half of my recommended title(s). I was recommended Eat-Man and Eat-Man 98 and I just only finished the first series.

HOWEVER the secret santa made such a compelling argument for watching both that I intend to go and start Eat-Man 98 in the future. I hope they won’t mind me quoting them but to be exact: “There truly aren’t many examples of two seasons of an anime that are so similar in concept yet so different to watch.”

That definitely intrigues me because I did not terribly enjoy Eat-Man. I thought it would be interesting to watch an older series I had not heard many people talk about but I did not find much that will leave an impression on me.

Bolt Crank, despite the cool as heck name, is bland and not very compelling for a guy who is kinda just the coolest. Like he should be the coolest badass around but he’s very understated and a little too quiet. Which isn’t a problem on it’s own, of course. Sometimes you need characters like that and sometimes they work really well! It’s just in this case I found Bolt didn’t have much chemistry with most of the one off characters who showed up and frankly most of those characters were more interesting to watch.

The setting is something I particularly enjoyed though. Though it’s very much sci-fi, the mixing of fantastic elements reminded me of the Nier series. Though I may have found myself often disinterested in the protagonist I was at the very least interested in seeing more of the world this series took place in. The vignette format did a wonderful service of not needing everything to be explained and left up to your imagination.

Another point I will praise (and that was brought up as a selling point by my secret santa) was the soundtrack. I find myself somewhat bored with Yuki Kajiura these days (not that she can’t still knock my socks off from time to time) but to hear an older soundtrack from her that I’d somehow never listened to despite her being a part of the reason I grew to love OSTs so much was astounding! Though it still had a lot of her classic elements and motifs, there was an air to this soundtrack that I have not heard much in her work. Perhaps complimenting the unique world the series is set in, the OST felt mystic and unique to match.

If I gained nothing else from watching this first series, I’ll at least have some new bangers added to my regular OST repertoire.

That being said, I am disappointed she does not score the 98 series as well. I have not yet watched ti so I cannot say if the soundtrack will be even half as notable but my expectations are quite low in that regard.

Sorry my review ended up being so half-assed! It’s been a few years since I’ve blogged about anime and lately all I want to do is watch vtubers. Oh well, please still accept my humble impressions. Perhaps I’ll come back and write about 98 when I finally get around to watching that.

Thoughts on Love Live Superstar Group Name Options

I did this when Aqours group name was being voted on (I was a strong supporter of Lir) and feel like voicing my opinions on the possible new Love Live group name.

Yuine – It’s been pointed out that μ’s and Aqours were first on the list of options and they both won so hey maybe it might win? It’s a decent, original enough name so I wouldn’t be too disappointed. 8/10

LINKS – Love Live Links? I don’t think it’s strong enough to be a group name. 4/10

0sing – 0sing/Reising has a cool ring to it I guess. I think we have enough gimmicky names though so I’m kind of against it in that respect. 5/10

meiris – Initially one of my two fave choices but may be too close to IRIS on second thought. It still sounds super cute and fun though. 9/10

ff – Pronounced faafa(a?). Please no. Don’t do this. 1/10

selze – I can’t stop thinking of seltzer. I don’t hate it but I wouldn’t want it to win. 4/10

Linkle – My mind goes first to Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure and then to Hyrule Warriors. I think it’s kind of a lame word to be honest. 4/10

Kiraboshi – Cute but does not feel very fresh and original. 6/10

Liella! – This one has grown on me a lot. I think it’s unique enough that it stands out from other idol groups and isn’t a popular phrase so I like it even more for that. 9/10

Forte – Forte is a dope word sure but I don’t think it suits the group. 5/10

Oriesta – My personal favourite and the choice I am voting for. Like a cuter version of orchestra! 10/10

55’stars – GoGoStars really makes it feel like hey… there really is only gonna be 5 of them?? If there will be more added then I dislike this name even more. Though if it was just 5Stars (gostars) I would have loved that name. 7/10

Luminous – I feel this one fits in with the other names (Muse, Aqua) and therefore has a chance but I really hope this one doesn’t win because I’m big against just plain old words being a group name. 6/10

Spica* – Spica was also an option for Aqours so people really want Spica to happen. I guess it’s alright choice but doesn’t excite me. 5/10

Yunity – This one also kind of grew on me. I think it’s cute and I would be ok if this one won. 8/10

Xtreme – Pronounced Crosstream because WHY NOT. I hate it. I’ll be disappointed the most if this wins. I think this is lame as hell. 0/10

A Humble New Beginning

Loli Salad is gone. I started blogging in 2007 and stopped in 2017. Ten years of writing (bad though most of it was) is gone. Not gonna lie, it stings a bit.

The only way to still access Loli Salad is with Wayback Machine. I thought about and started to try to remake most posts based off that archive but decided instead to just let go and use my time on more productive things instead of clinging to nostalgia and the past.

I’m starting fresh. I’ll never blog the way I did when I was a lousy teen but I get the urge from time to time. And when that urge comes knocking, Josei Salad will be here for me.

Definitely I’ll be posting about my #Kirigen creations such as the many various videos I mostly make these days. I plan to do a post on my Kanan collection in the future as well as talk about my various collections such as washi tape or anison and doujin CDs. Not to jinx it but I’m also working on a little game so I’ll talk about that later when I’m feeling confident enough. That’s all down the line though.

Goodbye Loli Salad. Thank you for ten years of fun and memories.